What exactly is BOTOX?

BOTOX is a muscle relaxant. It is injected deep into the skin or into the muscles. It works by reducing excessive muscle contractions, by partially blocking the nerve impulses to any injected muscle.This purified protein has been on the market for years. It is administered into very specific muscles in order to relax them. This muscle relaxation helps smoothen out these unwanted moderate to severe lines, which cause us to look like we have aged. Within two weeks of having this non surgical procedure, watch your body automatically defy your age.Dr Pillay had introduced BOTOX into her practice, in order to help her patients with extreme stress. As you may know, high levels of unwanted stress cause severe tension associated with teeth clenching and oral grinding. This often leads to time consuming, excruciating migraine headaches, painful jaws and multiple painful teeth. To add to this, is the ghastly effect that this condition has on the teeth, Your face shortens in vertical dimension, causing you to look older. Another unwanted effect is the micro cracks and chipped sensitive teeth that occur.

The standard dental regimen  for this grinding biting treatment, is to have a grinding plate made for the patient.

However, Dr Pillay has realized, that the largest problem encountered with patients is compliency. A compliant patient who has a moderate to severe grinding problems, will have a new bite plate made at least twice a year.

Treating this condition using BOTOX, is only three times a year.

This is not a large financial difference, for a more permanent solution, to decreasing unwanted stress and saving your teeth.

Speak to Dr Pillay to find out more about this.

The cost implications are more affordable than public perception and will be determined due to each individuals skin type and wrinkle severity.

Soften your forehead frown lines, and crows feet, iron out that angry look from years of flinching from the rays of the sun. Or just simply save your teeth from the nasty effects of stress…. BOTOX does it all, in the matter of days.

Nose Augmentation

Cheek Augmentation

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are used to correct little imperfections, that you as an individual desires to have corrected. It helps enhance your physical appearance to give you that inner smile every time you glance into the mirror.

Tired of having thinner lips or forehead lines, deep naso-labial folds or those horrid crows feet which cause unnecessary wrinkles, a small injection can help you re-contour that change.

Give yourself those high cheek bones and remove those marionette lines and watch yourself smile naturally.

Fillers help defy aging and correct your facial symmetry.

A combination usage of BOTOX  and Dermal Fillers will help you defy the aging process. A skilled practitioner like Dr Pillay, will help you soften the process, without making you look artificial. Keeping these lines appearing soft, will help you look more refreshed and happier by preventing the tired, angry or aged and creased look that these lines and wrinkles cause.

How far are you willing to go to define yourself the way you see yourself?