Teeth Whitening

Dr Pillay offers a variety of dental treatment options with regards to teeth whitening. Before suggesting what your mouth is best suited for, she always likes to assess her patients. No two individual’s have the same mouth, genetics and oral environments. This important difference, is a key component in deciding which kind of teeth whitening procedure is best for your specific mouth.

She offers different kinds of teeth whitening

1)  OPALESENCE: in office teeth whitening procedure

2) OPALESENCE: take home and do it yourself

Dental Veneers

Always wanted teeth that looked perfect?Not everyone can have these teeth that look perfect without orthodontic treatment (braces) but some people can have this  look without the pain of years of treatment.

A basic dental assessment will reveal if you can have this look in a matter of weeks with brighter looking teeth.

Prep-less veneers are thin veneers which are cemented onto your natural teeth, without actually cutting your teeth. They help revolutionize your dental appearance with a sparklier more refurbished look.

Ask Dr Pillay about this if you are interested in acquiring a beautiful model’s smile.

Dental Crown

Often known as a “cap” or as a “jacket.”It is a restoration that covers the outer surface of the clinical crown. It protects the remaining tooth structure from further damage, and improves aesthetics.  It is made of a porcelain cover over zirconium or metal and therefore  helps extend the life span of the tooth.Teeth, which have been endodontically treated, (root canal treated teeth), or teeth with large unstable fillings or severe decay are usually crowned to increase strength and longevity.

Dental Bridge

A fixed prosthesis which replaces one or more missing teeth.

These are known to improve both patient comfort and masticatory function. In many people having a bridge helps elevate the patients self image.