What is a Dermal Filler?A filler is an injectable substance which  helps restore skin to it’s youthful appearance. It’s a substance that is made from synthetic or natural material.Dermal fillers have been specifically developed for injection into the skin to help improve elasticity.Not all fillers are the same. The viscosity of the filler involved directly affects both the longevity and the esthetic effect of the filler used. Thicker fillers have longer lasting effects and help to ‘plump’ the skin.

Dermal fillers are used to correct little imperfections, that you as an individual desires to have corrected. It helps enhance your physical appearance to give you that inner smile every time you glance into the mirror.

Tired of having thinner lips or forehead lines, deep naso-labial folds or those horrid crows feet which cause unnecessary wrinkles, a small injection can help you re-contour that change.

Give yourself those high cheek bones and remove those marionette lines and watch yourself smile naturally.

Fillers help defy aging and correct your facial symmetry.

A combination usage of BOTOX  and Dermal Fillers will help you defy the aging process. A skilled practitioner like Dr Pillay, will help you soften the process, without making you look artificial. Keeping these lines appearing soft, will help you look more refreshed and happier by preventing the tired, angry or aged and creased look that these lines and wrinkles cause.

How far are you willing to go to define yourself the way you see yourself?