Two dental visits a year with X-Rays are always advised to ensure maintenance of a pristine oral environment.X-Rays twice a year helps the treating practitioner to competently diagnose whether a tooth has decay or not. It is an important diagnosis tool, which helps us identify a starting cavity and prevent further decay and complications to make a thorough and improved assessment.

Dental Cleaning

Ensuring a dental cleaning twice a year removes the build up of mineralized plaque. Removal of this  infectious bacteria layer contributes to oral health preservation and prevention of halitosis(bad breath).

A professional cleaning twice a year ensures that bacteria which can grow in the mouth will be removed. It’s the perfect way for couples to protect their loved ones by by not cross infecting one another with any one of 500 or more different bacteria and germs from a simple kiss.

Dental Fillings

Many times you are completely unaware that your tooth has a hole in it. Having basic x-rays twice a year can help detect these cavities.

What is a filling? When the tooth has a hole in it and it starts to hurt, your dentist will remove the bacteria causing decay from the tooth and “fill” it with a filling. These fillings help you keep your teeth longer. Without them, every time we had tooth decay, we’d have extraction after extraction and age prematurely being unable to perform simple functions like masticating our food.

Dental fillings help you keep your teeth..

Root Canal

No one wants to just loose an integral part of who they are. Having to extract your tooth, without giving it the best chance to stay in the mouth, would be an absolutely uneducated response, to severe dental decay. As dentists, we try to preserve teeth and not just pull them out.

During a root canal treatment, the infected nerve is removed from the tooth in order to stop the pain caused from this oral area. The tooth root is then cleaned and shaped in order to fill the tooth from the base of the tooth root, to the crown.

This procedure helps keep once compromised teeth by preventing extractions and extending the pleasure we take or granted, chewing. It also prevents the look that many geriatrics present with by prematurely having removed some teeth before this education was freely available to them.

Paediatric Dentistry

Your child should be familiarized in a general way of what to expect for his or her first visit. A positive description should be placed in the mind of your mini you! It is important to ensure that your fears are not spoken about around your child.

At my surgery you are guaranteed to have your child in the hands of a warm, compassionate practitioner. I take the time to build a solid foundation with your child from their first visit.

Children should be introduced to the dental environment when they have teeth. This ensures that by the time they need actual dental treatment, your child is more relaxed and can handle procedures.

However, for those children who typically translate their anxiety and fear into action and are non-cooperative, I offer the service of Conscious Sedation

Geriatic Dentistry

Dental care is provided with the utmost expertise to the older adults having to face dental problems. Dr Pillay is very patient with handling the fragile elderly.Seeing a skilled dentist helps maintain the quality of life for your loved family members as they age. Helping to restore and maintain their Oral Health, improves their lives as they become the towns seniors.  Being able to recognize the unique needs of these senior citizens is a talent that Dr Pillay attains.

Mouth Guards

Dental Grinding Plates and Specifically fitted athletic mouth guards Bruxism (from Greek origin means gnashing of teeth ) typically includes jaw clenching and teeth grinding.A dental grinding plate is custom made by the dentist to fit your specific mouth.

Dental grinding can occur in anyone. It is caused primarily by stress, nervousness, anxiety or tension. In some cases where it is mild, no treatment is required, but in some people it can have adverse effects like headaches, loosening of teeth, cracking or chipping or blunting of teeth  and even jaw disorders associated with jaw ache.