Dr A Pillay

Looking for that one reliable dentist who will always tend to the needs of you and your family?

Here, Dr Pillay, with her efficient team, shall ensure that both you and your family are handled with the utmost of care. Being an attentive, experienced Dr, guarantees exceptional treatment for each and every patient.

Dr Pillay has a holistic approach to dentistry and first works by eliminating disease. Once a healthy oral environment is achieved she looks at improving the oral cavity from an aesthetic point of view.

In these skilled hands you are guaranteed to have effective oral solutions to compromised and unhealthy teeth and gums. Come visit us for a friendly, family environment, passionate about taking your mouth, to the next level of hygiene and aesthetics.

Dentistry Services

Oral Hygiene upkeep

Dental Fillings

Root Canal treatment

Paediatric Dentistry

Geriatric Dentistry

Dental Crown

Dental Bridge

Aesthetic Services

Superficial Chemical Facial Peel

Prep Less Veneers

Teeth Whitening


Dermal Fillers


To make an appointment contact us on 011 880 0360 Razorite Medical Centre, 1st floor the Zone Phase 2 (next to Jimmys Killer Prawns)
177, Oxford Street, Rosebank